The SnöBar idea came to Shannon Masjedi one night at home while she was trying to create a special dessert.  She started mixing alcohol into her ice cream to give it a little kick and voila! — an idea was born!

Shannon is no stranger to divine inspiration. It is that creativity matched with her unbridled drive that has made her into the success story she is today.

“Entrepreneurism definitely has an element of luck, but it mostly requires passion and a stalwart belief in your business or product.” her track record only proves her words true.

Clearly SnöBar, alcohol infused ice-pops and ice cream, was born out of inspiration, but it is her singular focus and diverse experience that is going to put it on the map.

Soon after her homemade trials, she teamed up with mixologists, chefs and food scientists to perfect the taste, texture and alcohol content. Made with natural ingredients and premium alcohol, there’s a full cocktail in every serving, the alcohol infused desserts are guaranteed to stimulate and please even the most sophisticated palate.

SnöBar’s three types of ice-pops, Margarita, Mojito and Cosmopolitan, replicate the distinct flavor and experience of the traditional cocktails. The Margarita ice-pop is made with premium tequila, lime and triple sec; the Cosmopolitan ice-pop is made with premium vodka, triple sec and cranberry.

The superior-quality ice cream is available in the following flavors: Grasshopper, Pink Squirrel, Brandy Alexander Chocolate Chip, and Brandy Alexander. Each serving of SnöBar ice-pops and ice cream has the equivalent alcohol percentage of a full cocktail.

The demand for SnöBar has been overwhelming.  Previously, consumers’ only choices were alcohol flavored ice cream, with little to no alcohol content, or to mix their favorite spirits and desserts, with disappointing results. We worked on and perfected our formula for over two years to guarantee a superior product and ensure that every bite tastes incredibly delicious.”

And perfected he must have done. At the recent Waste Management Phoenix Open, SnöBar could hardly keep up with the lines of ravenous fans trying to get their hands on the new products.

SnöBar’s ice-pops come in 50ml and 100ml, and SnöBar ice cream comes in 100ml, 3.75ml, and 1.75 liter sizes.  SnöBar retail prices are comparable to that of a regular cocktail or bottle of premium alcohol.

You can find SnoBar in its branded freezers in all outlets which sell liquor, bars, restaurants, and night clubs.

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